Bullies As Role Models/ One Huge Step Backwards Parents!

Bullies As Role

There is a sadness that I feel as I tune into our major news networks. We have the glorification of name calling, racial slurs, demeaning words about different races and cultures and everyone seeing it as entertainment.

Children watch and learn from adults how to behave, react and what is permissible. They have always taken their cues from their immediate surroundings. Now they are taking their cues from a multiple of sources thanks to our global community and the technology that chronicles all of it. They hear their parents repeating the comments and being so enthralled with how entertaining they are, how excited they become with the very presence of these ideas being broadcast all over the internet, TV and newspapers.

Listen to your children and see that they will incorporate some of the verbiage into their own conversations with their friends and peers. It may not have the same content or the same frame of reference; however, the permission has been given for its transference into their language with its bullying innuendos and tone. The small strides that have been made in the area of bullying are now threatened by the very position these bullies are seeking to hold in this great democracy.

Do not be fooled that this is not being heard and absorbed by your children. It is and we are allowing its perpetuation by our very silence and our passive agreement to find it entertaining. It is detrimental to so many minorities, our global neighbors and to the very background this country has been founded on.

WE HOLD THESE RIGHTS TO BE SELF EVIDENT THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL! Bully role models undermine this very tenet and the constitution of our great country. We have just given children the right to bully!

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