Parents, Take Your Child Out Of Their “Bullying” Scene ! Please!!

bully game

When we think of Spring and Summer, we think of baseball, children’s summer sports and school ending. We are now in the 7th inning stretch and heading into the last days of school, playgrounds and schedules. The seventh inning stretch for all parents getting ready to “swing” into summer mode. Your children are depending on you to step up to the plate and hit a home run in planning for a summer that gives them time to play, rest, relax and most of all get away from the stress of teacher bullies, peer bullies and sports bullies.

If your child has been a victim of bullying, they need to have a summer free of this stress. What did you plan, more of the same? Is your child participating with the same children he goes to school with all year long? Or will they have a chance to regroup, be successful in making friends and be able to leave their bullies behind. Having been a victim of bullying, I know just how important this space of time is. I needed a chance to breathe and renew my very fragile sense of worth. Though my parents were not aware of my being bullied, I did attend camps that my school peers did not. My parents worked all summer with long hours and though I lived at the beach, they also needed responsible programming. I am grateful every summer for all the skills I learned and excelled at in camp. There was boating, swimming instruction, arts and crafts, campfires and long bus rides of summer songs, skills I am still proud to have. The owners of my camp were teachers, one I had in 8th grade and who did not tolerate any bullying in his classroom and my first good school experience. How lucky was that. Saved by a paddle and oar and a very wise camp director.

Plan a summer of fun and activities around your child’s talents and skills. Be sure that the adults know that your child has been a victim of bullying. Interview the adults carefully and see if they create an emotionally safe environment. As imperative as pulling your child out of a mean teacher’s class, so is it critical to explore all aspects of where your children will spend and engage in activities this summer. You can’t always pick your child’s teachers, Hey Mom and Dad, this one is your gig! Make it safe!

The seventh inning stretch, the game is still undecided as you are singing an old baseball tune, Take Me Out To The Ball Game! Let the Home Team Win!
Let your children have as many wins as possible this summer! It’s love at its Best!

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