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Blog viewers…please forgive my absence from blogging. I have been busy fulfilling a long time dream of mine. I do believe that the end to children experiencing demeaning behaviors will only come about as the result of raising a new generation of emotionally intelligent children. I began this over 30 years ago and now it is time to bring CJ (our Creator of Joy) and his Family of Characters to today’s children. Technology is now making it possible for me to reach so many more parents and children around the world.

Our children are growing up within violence and mayhem and they require the behaviors that will help them feel emotionally safe within themselves. They need these skills today more than ever! I was bullied as a child and young adult and I only wish I had acquired these ways of regulating and controlling my emotions.

I have created fun and easy to do activities for parents, teachers and guardians to teach these very important skills. They are not innate and since the emotional brain develops more quickly during the early childhood years, this is the optimum time to teach and practice these skills. EQ is 80% the reason we are successful in life!

Please take a look at my new website! There is plenty to do for children all ages. They can play on it freely! They can also join the CJ Kids Club and receive fun objects in the mail.

Visit Our Fun Website and Play Your Way to EQ

Truly the only way to stop an outside or inside bully!

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